Intangible: the  conceptual  narrative  that  creates  new  value,  which  was  previously  undiscovered.

Leading with the intangible


Silence is the virtue of fools. -Sir Francis Bacon

What does it mean to lead with the intangible? This can be clearly defined as gaining competitive advantage by using intangible thought processes. At the publish date there are two stand out areas that when melded together, serve as the best examples of this idea in action. Human strategy markets, the focus of this writing, a place where anyone can engage to optimise their profits made rounds of intellectual trade. Realisation scaling, a concept that explains where exactly innovation comes from, and semantic precision, a method for building nano relationships in informational structures.

Now that we know the direction, content and wordage that will get us to our cerebral destination (leading with the intangible), it will be a lot easier to navigate through the noise and get to the core of any non-physical reality.

Let’s take a step back and see if there is a basis for moving to focus on the intangible. What makes the world go around? Currency. Is that something that you can hold in your hands? Yes, but as a concept its value is limited to to our imagination. It is this imagination that yields the waves of exploration in the arts, sciences and even in one’s personal life. But more often then not, we decide to focus on the things that we can touch, rather than the ideas that create the cushion for the understanding of such objects.

We know that to ignore real classification of the chairs that we sit in and the frames that hold our prized memories would be silly, so they are not absent from this piece of writing. What we are looking to find is a happy medium between the intangible and these things that make up our existence. Too often it’s thought that by merely thinking about something, that this is not a part of your evolutionary progression, but it is your brain that allows you to conceive the likelihood that the shape of one good is comparable to another. The same goes for ideas.

This is the reason of writing this, to strengthen or merely acknowledge the fact that by using your distinct thought process in business, you can live in a scaled world that out meters anything you have conceived before- all the while learning to precisely organize for accessibility and practicality’s sake. Welcome to Leading with the Intangible white paper.

They say bundling options is the sure fire way to out witting your competitors. Others might say that it’s important to focus on one thing and stick to that. Either way the choice is left to the consumer. They get to decide what makes the cut and what gets put back on the shelf.

The reason why it was important to bundle three apparently non-connected prefectures together was to give a clear path towards a specific application. How to optimize in this brand new world? With effective human strategy. And where do ideas come from anyway? The realization scaling mechanism is the answer to this question and but what good is all this if it’s impossible to organize all of this intangibility? That’s why this writing teaches how to collate with semantic precision.

While the intention of these lessons is not to change your operational structures, it is to help you be better equipped to exploit the thin layers of abundance that are available. And this doesn’t mean that once there are a hundred investors, the structure folds. The magic of the leading with the intangible approach is that there is always something new at the end of the road- a fork perhaps.

It is with this belief that allows for an infinite amount of new value creation. Through optimization, sharing and proper maintenance, the horizon is pretty clear. With this said, the next pages are filled with insight that is relevant to smoothing out the creases of your favorite pair of khakis, a casual dinner for you to attend to again and again, and the knowledge needed to make the most educated decision about what to order off the menu (given your current health schedule). Let’s get to work.

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