The projected criterium for work by Ian is to provide a basket of leading-edge & disruptive ideas to scale-up with the right management. A universe in itself.

Every year, a new indice crop is curated for the latest in innovation and deal-flow.

Serving the wider-interest of the development of futuristic business model concepts, with strong foundations. With an extremely unique value proposition spectrum, for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

The revolving and consistent story of created properties is that the focus is a dominant over-arching aspect of what makes this a good platform for reaching the venture stars.

This has always been the start and finish of the iteration process for selecting and promoting the right value.

With so many choices out there today for consumers and producers to choose from, people need premium options, within and of external appeal.

There is so much disruption occurring faster and faster, and vast industries are converging. This means that it is not only necessary to be agile, you have to be prepared to be flexible, all of the time.

With an investment horizon of 0-25 years, the business building approach varies from item to item. But what doesn’t change is Ian Tyner’s commitment to best transitioning, co-creating and assisting in exiting for co-creators and the extended glocality.

Proper vision and knowledge-base is required to fully align with the intangible and tangible value that is available for growth. This is where a menu provides context, as well as clarity.

Startups have become a thing of the past. The next wave of entrepreneurial activity happens in the scale-up arena. Because of rapid advancements in information technology, new venture creation is experiencing expansion like never before.

There couldn’t be a better time to get involved with a portfolio indice. With a strong community and a dedicated work-flow, it is a well positioned diverse core, with a traditional approach to company building.

What separates this initiative from the next, is that this is just the beginning. On an annual basis, this is where the synergistic opportunities arise, and all at an affordable constant.

Whether it be in informatics, 3D printing or innovation idea challenges, Ian is committed to agile problem solving. Solving problems faster, with better results, using less resources. Through unique prioritisation methodology, Ian’s IP delivers converted results to individuals and companies in undiscovered ways. Exploring active market ventures from yocto to micro, and participating in the macro enterprise of tomorrow, today. Actively involved in the generation of new innovative ideas, and building of scale-up companies. Valuing, strategically managing, and monetising  (in)tangible™ assets.

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