Guidelines are typically reserved for commerce, but in this format, of the personal portal, it is important to share how to use what is depicted in these varied particles:

  • The Directional Abstraction Influence Barometer is to help gauge the depth of field for information that was and is vectored on
  • PATTERNS VIRTUAL THING CATALOG is a yearly index of things in a virtual display.
  • INTANGIBLE visual perspectives is a photography exposition, highlighting intellectual property from historical thought leaders (contact for the complete version)
  • Projected Criterium are my thoughts on the investment landscape for the next 25 years
  • Discourse of Playwright Movement is to help understand (a)synchronicity in the digital and non-digital space
  • Leading with the intangible White Paper is a descriptor that was the basis of my IP understanding (contact for the complete version)
  • The Post-Thing Adjusted Org Model is a formation° that explains business design
  • accompaniment to fractal planning is a micro feature about the motion picture
  • accompaniment to fractal planning 2 is a micro feature about the unfound
  • accompaniment to fractal planning finale is a micro feature about landscapes
  • Framework for ambient auditory is a soundtrack for technology
  • Reculture & Poly-Qualitative Action (Work) is a meditation for work
  • Glocal Environment & Entrepreneurial Hatchery Resource Mega List is a free business model for entrepreneurs to expand upon
  • Standard Technologies is the Company that I’m the Director of
  • The IM-C&UO (Initial Mini-Conglomerate & Universe Offering) Model, is a form that I’m the Primary Designer of
  • , is the direction that venturing is moving, and that is, towards the moon
  • Perception{s}™, a thought process for understanding progression in life
  • Prediction Application™, a way of determining scenario futures
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