Every person has the ability to provide knowledge and insight to actuate value for organisations and innovations that they provide space for.

But when the discourse of playwright movement is non-aligned with network benchmarks and the protocols that deem those interactions necessary, then there is no real reason for work to happen.

This could be the largest disfunction in modern productivity.

When is this going to change?

Might not occur in our lifetime, but the possibility for independent and entrepreneurial continuation should always remain as something of importance.

However it can too often result in a disfunction of parallel adaptation and credence to unacceptable optimisation.

The synchronicity and asynchronicity that most motion dialogues enjoy is to be partaken with anything but digital and analog machinery.

What does this mean for technological advancements?

The things that have happened in the past and those of the future may not matter, unless their is some form or theatrical painting that can ascribe the thoughts of the entire audience production.

With some writing advancements and the knowhow that with ongoing improvement to a pinnacle, that there can be value for everyone involved, then the movement could be in a complete spectrum.

The author of this text may not be a playwright, but is certainly to be in favour of the smart constraints that drive growth in as many sectors as humanely possible and the shift towards the ability for individuals to think for themselves.

This is artistry, not for what is a given dilemma, but towards the incredible substantiate that is life and the meanderings that have been allotted along with that depiction.


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