To be used for obtaining the unparalleled value of source teleology and that impact.

Geographic Line Barrier Literati Green Block Orange Variable Red Unit Blue Corner Teal Finality Grey Proof
First City Library Building Research Physic Architectural Element Reforestation Memory Factual Occurrence Foreign Description Human Actor
Second Municipality URL Link Development Extraction Information Transfer Molecular Basis New Ideation Adobe Revisionism Later Staging
Third Country Land Signatory Virtual Environment Real-world Representation General Web International Domain Web Browser Plugin Mobile Version
Fourth Area Historical Reference Construction Site Completed Building Graphical Interface Real Intelligence Virtual Reality Physical Immersion
Designated Zone Local Portal Photographic Support Motion Replay Topographical Release Future Insight Technological Extension Space Exploration
Island Territory Projection Method Embedded Code Interoperable Program Plot Dimensions Geometric Symmetry Building Progression Aesthetic Rating
Sphere Form Cartographic Realm Non Visual Semi Actual Non-Fiction Play Artistic Convergence Network Slide Camera Device
Globule Manifestation Organisational Behaviour Luddite Presence Idea Fantastic Internet 3-4.0+ Weather Formula Design Metrics Predictive Data
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