Drew Web

When the web drew, so did the artist. If there was a canvas, then what was drawn, was unbelievable. This was because of how certainties were forsaken. Which that web did not draw enough, because of a squintable paper mâché.

Present Fruition

Evolutionary technology like 3D printing and nano medical will soon be a part of our daily lives. You’ll be able to bring your potential to fruition. There are though, those peak questions. But, ways to catch up to the future present are here.

Doing With Profits


Does technology have an issue with the companies that get to up and those that don’t? Is there a way to have profits without having such a lack of productivity?

Mobile Is


There are strides being made in mobile, but is there going be product that brings an enduring feeling? Could be you that makes that. Not that this won’t be realized soon. But there is a gap.

New White Paper Released


Part 1 of Leading With the Intangible: In Business and Practice, about entrepreneurial thought has been released! At $9.95, this is guaranteed to help your enterprise, whether or not you work at a startup. Reach out, and get yours today.

The Benefit of Apps


With the thousands of apps that are available, and the lack of spend choice, when is the benefit of apps going to reach those users that are newly arrived on mobile?

Great Software



Great software is hard. While the importance of relying on the customer’s shape is losing steam, it can be said that there are too many “software” companies that are bringing only bolt on features to business, not embedded improvements that are really only constructed from within.

The Disposable Post PC


With a shift away from the PC era, into cheap tablets and mobile, the cloud is becoming more important- how soon before computers become disposable? Meaning that there is no need to own, just the knowledge to operate. This may seem like far away, but with super fast computations only a few hundred dollars away…

Getting Started in 3D Printing


With all this web talk, it’s almost time to take this construction offline. But where to start? Shapeways is a marketplace for people that build 3D objects and for those that want to buy them. When you’re ready to start selling, for about $2,375, you can get your hands on the B9Creator, a high res 3D printer and open up shop.

How to “Get” a Maker


In previous post, I said that for a semantic web to thrive, so would a maker movement. It seems that there is significant gains being made in Silicon hardware revitalization, but how to get end-users and enterprise interested in a product? Made to Measure, has recently opened up a call for applications to do just that. Event runs from November 23-25.

Semantic Web


Sorry for the lack of posting readers! I have been busy trying to learn about the semantic web and doing some consulting work. No, I really think that there are major problems with the how the web is being developed and if there is ever to be a web 3.0 in a new world wide web, things like maker-faire need to catch on.

I am still working on Telling Time : Strategy for Humanists and would be eager to hear your input on this topic, as I am not convinced that eBooks are really the best way to publish, but I am open to suggestion.

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