Melting Bulge

What a way to provide an appropriate reaction then to be ready? This is being able to make the decision of the day, not what has been developing for a month. The melting of the bulge of business thinking that is not asked for, but a result when applied. What this means is that when it is clear that something is working, debris goes away in the present.

Entrepreneurial You

Entrepreneurs want to be a part of an opportunity that they can create value from. This isn’t really a big deal as the startup goer knows that their collaborator has made a commitment for a profitable outcome. This can turn out to benefit the thought leader, but when there is a stark misalignment between the contributor and the entrepreneur’s performance, this is not the case. The lesson here is to share milestones and reach for the stars.


This has changed though. It’s reach the audience and sell. With not much concern for the lifetime value of the customer or the habitat for that matter. What this does bring, is new capital for these businesses, in which the greater market can thrive. It is giving up an understanding of econometrics that allows for a new transformation.

New White Paper Released


Part 1 of Leading With the Intangible: In Business and Practice, about entrepreneurial thought has been released! At $9.95, this is guaranteed to help your enterprise, whether or not you work at a startup. Reach out, and get yours today.

What is Failure?


What can we say about learned experiences? Are they really the only way to have a gaggle of followers? As we step over the road and begin to feel the right way to go about it, there is a conceived notion in the picture. This is how a group can advance to the next step by learning about past failures. But failure more often then not becomes an aspect of success, rather than the more concrete path, succeeding by failing. Is there ever a win out there? Sure, but it is not awarded, it is thought about in retrospect.

Accelerating a Business


There are incubators and accelerators, as I wrote about here, how do they help a startup that is already built? Are they allowing for a sale or are they trying to get revenue? With ionth‘s micro incubator™, the startup’s founders become a success, without these issues. How can ionth help accelerate your business?

Getting to Up


Could be easier said then done, but “getting to up” is an important stage of the business life cycle. This is when traction has reached a place that then enables natural growth and customers are paying for your product.

Wider Profits


When a startup begins to reach wider profits, meaning the ability to increase the size of the market that they are in, it is their responsibility to take on a leadership role. Why? Because without the right path to lead others in an industry customer acquisition model, the startup pushing the boundaries will fail.

Who Knows the Customer?


At the front of every business, is the customer. But can an entity really know what the business wants, even if they talk to them? Seems like only on certain occasions does a company strike it correctly with what is demanded and what is being created. Currently, this is what has become the norm- how long before the customer decides that they don’t know what they want, until the day that they can afford that purchase?

What is Measurable?


Ultimately every thing will be measured within the Internet of Things. When does the human limit start to make more sense then that which is constrained by optimization? With robotics on the horizon, questions like these will become more relevant. To know when to stop and when to go about understanding what is effective, is a conflict that I think the purposed individual will have to deal with.

Ideation, Loops and New Business


Another post this month, something awry must really be happening. How do ideas become reality and what form do they become? Seems like everyone has an answer to the best way for this process, well, here’s another take. Ideation is at the core of any adaptation, evolution, construction, and reinvention. Understanding the best loop for your business is a hard thing to tackle, without knowing what works and what doesn’t, little progress can be made. So what is a good way to approach implementation? This is the fun part, I’ll be writing about some of the most interesting ways and offering some of my own methods as they happen.

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