Accelerating a Business


There are incubators and accelerators, as I wrote about here, how do they help a startup that is already built? Are they allowing for a sale or are they trying to get revenue? With ionth‘s micro incubator™, the startup’s founders become a success, without these issues. How can ionth help accelerate your business?

Assessing Worker Intangibles


How do you know what gets you hired, destiny or due course?

Richard White assesses these intangibles, he believes those that work with serendipity are better hires, but then asks whether storytelling could be more important.

There are many fantastic employees that seem to elevate. And others that create their own track.

When is it appropriate to know when to go with what is given?

Getting to Up


Could be easier said then done, but “getting to up” is an important stage of the business life cycle. This is when traction has reached a place that then enables natural growth and customers are paying for your product.

The Benefit of Apps


With the thousands of apps that are available, and the lack of spend choice, when is the benefit of apps going to reach those users that are newly arrived on mobile?

Wider Profits


When a startup begins to reach wider profits, meaning the ability to increase the size of the market that they are in, it is their responsibility to take on a leadership role. Why? Because without the right path to lead others in an industry customer acquisition model, the startup pushing the boundaries will fail.

Is This Happening?


As companies grasp to what has worked and what needs to work in order to continue being profitable, the question to ask is, is this happening?

Knowing Action


When is the time to take a turn in business? Sure pivoting is awesome, but what happens when that motion leads to a non-action? Reflection can only go so far. This is why taking turn, could yield a better result, as you are already moving.

Great Software



Great software is hard. While the importance of relying on the customer’s shape is losing steam, it can be said that there are too many “software” companies that are bringing only bolt on features to business, not embedded improvements that are really only constructed from within.

The Disposable Post PC


With a shift away from the PC era, into cheap tablets and mobile, the cloud is becoming more important- how soon before computers become disposable? Meaning that there is no need to own, just the knowledge to operate. This may seem like far away, but with super fast computations only a few hundred dollars away…

The Almighty List of Lessons


Is a blog but a list of lessons? This post by the founder of Fab, has to be the best comprehensive piece of advice for any technology startup doer out there currently. Sure I disagree with a few of the 90 statements- maybe this is telling and that this current piece of writing is really just what happens to make sense to me.


Think 5 steps ahead. Very hard to do, but it’s what differentiates great companies from good companies. Think where things are going, what the impact of today’s decisions will be tomorrow. What the chain of events is likely to be. Tough stuff, but so important.

Think Sublime


With the over abundance of content available and the lack of people that can understand exactly what they are reading, there is a need for accurate sentiment or mood boiler plates. There are experts in every area of study, and way too many collisions of thought. This is why I say, think sublime. More on this later.

Short Term and Long Term Validation


Lean startup thinking, accelerators, angel investment, seed funding, incubators and venture capital. Which path is best for you? With any choice, the goal is to be validated in some form, either with proof that you finished something, a monetary result, a sense of accomplishment, or a plethora of other personal outcomes.

But why is validation as a business loop function the go-to option for gaining traction, isn’t this just short term thinking? In a sense yes, but the only way that you will know that “you are onto something,” is if people outside your immediate family and friends are able to benefit directly from your startup. This can happen in many forms.

And opposed to like it is often touted, this does not have to just revolve around a product or service, there are other pains that need fixing, like conveying knowledge to people for free, as a non-profit blogger.

In my opinion, as you progress past the 5 year mark, and you are still in business, validation as a growth indicator is invalidated, and becomes less and less of a benchmark for improving your creation. Sure it’s important to feel like you are doing something receptive, however the wisdom of the crowd may or may not have your best interests in mind. Whatever it is that you are healing, the important thing is not to stop working on your project, if the whole immediate, positive validation thing doesn’t work out.

Joel Gascoigne:

Sometimes through iteration you uncover learning which invalidates your idea or some key assumptions. At the same time, this means that further iteration can also lead to the exact opposite: uncovering an idea or features which people want and will gain traction.

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