Ideation, Loops and New Business


Another post this month, something awry must really be happening. How do ideas become reality and what form do they become? Seems like everyone has an answer to the best way for this process, well, here’s another take. Ideation is at the core of any adaptation, evolution, construction, and reinvention. Understanding the best loop for your business is a hard thing to tackle, without knowing what works and what doesn’t, little progress can be made. So what is a good way to approach implementation? This is the fun part, I’ll be writing about some of the most interesting ways and offering some of my own methods as they happen.

The Book Has Been Changed :)


What was once Telling Time: Strategy for Humanists is now Leading with the Intangible, In Business and Practice. My, ahem, publisher, thought it would a good move knowing where my strengths are. The crowds of people that have waiting for the former will now have to make do with the new and improved format. As I get farther into the writing process, I will share a sample PDF so that you can get a look into the outline of this work. Looking to connect with great minds, drop me a line if you are interested in what I am doing.

After a Hiccup, the Blog is Back


After a minor hosting hiccup, is back! I’ve since switched hosts, which should be better moving forward. Still working on the book, and would love to hear some feedback from you, the reader.

Open Sourcing?


With much progression made in 2011 with my company, it’s a good time to start working on the book. This will probably take up less time than I think – I’ve never written a book, much harder then I ever thought! Slated with a 2013 release, Telling Time will have to be a a major focus though. Thinking about open sourcing some chapters, what do you think?

Semantic Web


Sorry for the lack of posting readers! I have been busy trying to learn about the semantic web and doing some consulting work. No, I really think that there are major problems with the how the web is being developed and if there is ever to be a web 3.0 in a new world wide web, things like maker-faire need to catch on.

I am still working on Telling Time : Strategy for Humanists and would be eager to hear your input on this topic, as I am not convinced that eBooks are really the best way to publish, but I am open to suggestion.

A Stoic Business Life?

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” – Marcus Aurelius


Having started a company and writing a book, I’d like to think that represents living a Stoic business life. This might seem contradictory as material gains are not part of that religionosophy, but in this unethical world that we live in, it just seemed like the appropriate mantra to live by during the continual entrepreneurial process.

Welcome to My Blog


Welcome! Take a seat and enjoy the ride… this is the outlet where I will be writing about my thoughts of life and business. It will also serve as a scratch pad for my upcoming book, Telling Time – Strategy for Humanists, which is scheduled for a 2013 release.

If at any point, you the reader, feel the need to make a blunt critique or bare the honest truth of any ideas expressed on this blog- do not hesitate to flame me!

As they say, writing begets writing, in that vein I will try to update this log once a week with helpful hints, lessons learned, and teachings that I seek out in my quest of reaching 9th dan and then some. Since my vocabulary is actually fairly limited, I will also make an effort to refer to the old dictionary and thesaurus- if you read a word that seems utterly out of place, now you know why.

With this said, let the blogging begin and hold on because this is just another dogleg only oriented golf course that should be as fun for you as it is for me. Vale.

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